Our Guidelines

Okay, no one ever wants to hear the rules but just like each person has their own standard of conduct, we must have one too. We have assembled this list of guidelines for those who wish to attend our events. Please review the links below. Failure to adhere to our guidelines will result in you being removed from our guest list as well as asked to leave the event.

If you are new to our events or the lifestyle, odds are that you or your partner will feel a bit nervous and apprehensive when you first arrive. That's a good sign! It makes you NORMAL!

What you will be happy to find, is that the people who attend our events are very friendly and easy to talk to. You will have a chance to meet and form friendships with some of the sexiest and nicest people you have ever met!

Our events are private and by invitation only. The first and number one rule is NO MEANS NO! The rest is very simple. This is all about having a great time and a fun evening out with one of the sexiest and most fun groups of people you have ever met.

If at anytime you have questions feel free to drop us a line.

Enjoying Your Experience

It happens. Things come up, plans change. If you are unable to attend and need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to properly notify us that you will not be attending will result in you being removed from our guest list for future events.
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Our events are by invitation only for couples and unescorted females. For couples, your invitation is for a couple. If for any reason the woman is unable to attend, the male partner will NOT be permitted to attend alone. You must have your invitation printed out and in hand to gain admittance to the event. If you wish to bring another couple, just drop us a line and let us know as they will need their own invitation to attend. Since our favorite new friends are those referred by our current friends, you are always welcome to refer friends for our guest list!
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RSVP (PLEASSSSEEE.....Come On Its French!)
Upon receiving your printable invitation please RSVP by sending us an email so we know you got it and that you plan to attend. Depending on the venue we often reach capacity and may have a waiting list - please if you are unable to attend let us know so that we can welcome another couple.
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Dress Code
Most events have a theme, which will often help you decide how to dress. Everyone is asked to participate by dressing their part.

Cocktail attire - We DO NOT allow jeans or gym wear (ie sneakers, sweats). Gentlemen, while suit and ties are not required, they are appreciated. Ladies as always, if you are worried about what to wear, that little black dress is always in season. Dress to Impress! While we encourage you to dress in elegant, erotic attire, please be respectful and remain covered until you reach the party area.

PLEASE NOTE: We do hold a series of events in Latham NY where the dress code is far less formal.
Ladies: Dresses, Skirts, Designer jeans and blouses. Dress/Casual shoes NO SNEAKERS.
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Our locations are some of the best locations in the area. For privacy reasons we do keep the address and locations confidential. Since our events are by invitation only, you will receive information about the location with either your invitation or after you have RSVPed. Since this is a private party, we would appreciate if you would keep the location confidential once you receive it. As always, if you need directions please drop us a line.
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General Behavior
There is nothing less attractive than a drunk or spaced-out couple. There will be NO tolerance for pushy people, drama, drunks, or drugs. Please leave all those things at home. Be respectful. We are all adults. Go with the flow. If things don't seem to be working, don't force it. The most important person is the person you are attending with. You are responsible for them. If for any reason (health, work, outside emergency, babysitter, alien abduction, etc.) your partner feels it is time to leave, you must also leave. Please be considerate and do not allow your personal issues to disrupt the evening for everyone else. Also, no cameras or camera-phones will be allowed.
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If you plan to indulge we recommend spending the night. We generally have arrangements with local hotels to provide our guests a discounted rate. If you would like some suggestions please feel free to contact us. Please drink responsibly. If while at one of our events you are aware of a guest who might be having a bit too much fun, please let us know so that we may arrange a safe ride home for them.
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Late Arrivals
We would appreciate if being "fashionably late" did not extend past 2 hours from the start of the event. This way, those responsible for checking our guests in may enjoy the party too. If for some reason you will be arriving after that time, please be courteous and let us know.
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Food & Beverages
Most events will feature a cash bar while certain events may be BYOB. It often depends on the venue's restrictions and policies. Most of our events are professionally catered with some type of snacks to help keep your energy levels up. If the event is held at a hotel, you are welcome to have drinks in your hotel rooms. They typically may not be taken into the event. Also, for the pre and after party events you are welcome to have your drink with you, but for the safety of our guests the drink MUST be in a plastic cup NO Bottles or Glass are allowed to be carried.
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